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We only use genuine COLORBOND® Steel for all our fencing and gate installation. 

COLORBOND® fencing is laser engraved with their insignia.


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Why Choose Genuine COLORBOND® Fencing?

Colorbond® Steel is made in Australia for our tough conditions. Precision design and manufacturing delivers a quality product that is trusted by Australian building and constructioprofessionals and homeowners for their fencing needs.



Made with galvanised steel to provide superb corrosion resistance, Colorbond® is built and tested to endure some of Australia's most challenging climatic conditions. The exterior paint is baked on to resist chipping, blistering and peeling, so your fence will be looking great longer. It will not be eaten by termites and will not burn in case of fire. 


Genuine Colorbond® Steel Fencing is backed by a 10 year warranty for added peace of mind. 


A fence made from Colorbond® Steel provides protection and privacy for your property. The fence helps keep uninvited guests out and provides a private space for your family. Being non-combustible it is ideal for boundary fencing for added protection in bush-fire prone regions.   

Easy Maintenance

To ensure your fence remains looking great, just give it a wash with clean freshwater. Periodically remove any dirt or debris accumulated around the fence.

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Colorbond® Steel Fencing Colours

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